Constálica assumes a mission of innovation in the metal construction sector, supported by the experience and presence in the international markets, based on its innovative products, its capacity to develop flexible solutions, sustained by a highly qualified team focused on transforming needs into distinctive solutions.

The characteristics of the Madremax® product associated with the capacity for innovation of Constálica are the basis that allow the company to stand out in a sector of great competitiveness, namely in the following business areas:
Coverings and façades, industrial structures, residential structures, photovoltaic structures and other structures.

Constálica is a partner in the development of solutions for metal structures, responding to all stages of the process.
Research and development of solutions, structural calculation according to the client’s project and follow-up of the project execution.

Focused on the clients’ needs, Constálica became a unique partner in terms of competitiveness and creation of value.

Building the structures of the future

Sérgio Matos
President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of CONSTÁLICA, S.A.



Creation of value



Motivation of Human Resources


Offering our clients complete construction solutions, with innovative and quality features, guaranteeing the expectations of the stakeholders.


Constálica intends to achieve a reference position in the global market, in the Metal Construction sector, respecting and promoting the sustainable development, the environment and the rationalization of resources.


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